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5 Easy Ways to Add Style to Your Look!


When it really comes down to it, style is all about the details.

Tiny changes/differences that make a big impact.

So if you’re feeling like your style is a bit blah lately or looking for ways to evolve your style, making small detailed changes is the best, and easiest (also cheapest) place to start.

Here are 5 ways you can add a little spice to your style today. Try all of them on for size, but only go with the ONE style detail that you look and feel the best in!

# 1: Roll It

Roll It 3 Roll It 2

You can do this with short or long sleeve tops.

# 2: CUFF IT

Cuff It Cuff It2

Cuffing your jeans or pants, adds an instant cool factor to your look.

# 3: BELT IT

Belted Jacket Belted Scarf Belted Dress

This is a fun one to try whenever you have a garment that’s shapeless and boxy. Remember, the belt should be part of your look’s story NOT the focal point. 


Half Tuck 4 Half Tuck 3Half Tuck 5

This detail may not work with every style or length of top, but try it with as many of your tops as possible, to determine which of your tops can pull it off best.


Layer It 2 Layer It 4 Layer It

This very popular fall/winter style detail, will probably take the most experimentation, but don’t let that deter you. Go wild and try on as many unexpected pairings as you can, until you find the layer combos that knock your socks off!

Do you use any of these style details on a regular basis? If so, which ones? And if not, which one are you most excited to try? 



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12 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Add Style to Your Look!

  1. Hi Elsa, you nailed it again:-) Thanks for this post. Its simple style tips like these that make all the difference and best part it doesn’t even involve spending any money lol. So, my favorites are #1 Roll It and #2 Cuff It…I do this quite often and love love love these looks. My shirts or pants look way more chic and stylish when I wear them like this and I feel great. I’m looking forward to trying the #5 layered look, haven’t done that before but have always admired this style! keep em coming Elsa :-)

    1. Great points Sheena – Up your style without spending a dime! I’d love to master #3 – the belt. I love belts but have mostly worn wide belts in the past. Looking forward to testing the waters with a thinner, less attention grabbing belt.

  2. Thank you. Love the multiple examples of each idea! I’ve done a partial closet cleanse. I need to try on the remainder to rule them out for sure. It’s hard to part with pieces before I have replacements. I have a skirt I have worn and worn AND the style suits my shape! When looking for new skirts I’m using that as a guide. I even went into a fabric store and considered buying a pattern. Then I came to my senses!

    1. Great job on going through your closet cleanse Joanne! Also, there is NOTHING wrong with buying fabric and re-making the skirt… I think that is a great pro-active idea if you’re up for it!!

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