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Time Saving Tricks to Getting Dressed + Looking Fab!


Let’s get real honest here for a second. How much time do you really give yourself to get dressed in the morning?


2 minutes maybe 5?

It’s not a lot is it?

Here’s the truth; putting together head-turning-looks takes time, period. There’s really no short cut around this. The good news is, there are some great time saving ways to set yourself up for major outfit creation success that could quite literally change your life (at the very least your mornings)!

Trick #1: Cleanse Your Closet


This trick may seem more time-consuming than time-saving, but it’s kind of a necessity. Many of my clients have such jam-packed closets, they can’t even see what they actually own.

A dis-organized closet + not being able to see your full inventory of clothing options = a frustrated and ill-informed outfit-creation session.

Cleanse your closet by going through every item currently in it, trying it on and asking yourself these questions:

  1. Does this garment suit my body shape?
  2. Do I love it?
  3. Choose 3 words that describe how you want your clothes to make you feel. Does this garment make me feel at least 2 of my 3 words?

If you can’t answer yes to each of these questions, that item needs to either be given away to good will or to your local consignment shop. If there are items you know could work with some tailoring, then get those pieces altered ASAP.

At the end of this process you should be left with a cleaner and leaner closet that lets you see every piece in your closet at a glance!

This may take you several hours, but the time it will save you in the long run is priceless!


Trick #2: Create a Personal Look-book


This is one of my favorite things to do! Now that you have a freshly-cleaned-closet, pick a 1-2 hour time slot on a day that works best for you. When that time comes, grab your cell phone, put on your favorite playlist, grab a glass of wine (or chai-tea latte if you’re like me) and head to your closet. 

You’re going to spend this uninterrupted time getting creative and playful in your closet by playing dress up… with yourself! Start grabbing items and start putting together looks that you think will work. Remember, some combos will work and some won’t, so don’t get discouraged. Try pairing pieces together that make no sense at all or that may seem too crazy. Many times great looks are created from contrast and contradiction. The goal here is to give yourself the space and time to tap into your creative side, and build outfits that you’ll feel beYOUtiful in, with more thought and intention.

See if you can come up with 5-7 looks total and take pictures of yourself (in a full-length mirror) of all the looks you love (you can even create a specific Style album). Voila! You now have a digital look-book of great outfits that you can refer back to every morning depending on your mood.

If you can do this once a week, every week, you’ll make your life not only a whole lot easier but I guarantee that your ability to create killer outfits will just get better and better with time.

Trick #3: Check The Weather


This may seem like a no-brainer but it always bears repeating because weather or (indoor temperature) has a huge impact on our outfit choices. The beauty of creating your digitial look-book ahead of time is that you can check the forecasted weather for the week and create your looks based on that info!


Trick #4: Pre-Pack Your Handbag


Certain looks require certain bags and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rushed to switch things out from one bag to another and forgotten something I needed in my haste. 

Knowing what your gonna wear in advance means you’ll know which bag you’ll need ahead of time, so make the switch the night before to avoid forgetting anything. 

Another trick is to keep all of your essentials in a smaller pouch. This way you’ll be able to just move the pouch from one bag to another easily! 

As with everything in life, a little prep work beforehand goes such a long way, and our wardrobe and style is no exception to this rule.

Which trick have you tried or are excited to try the most?

I’m heading to Cali next week so I’m looking forward to creating my digital look-book for all my looks while I’m there. An added bonus of this awesome trick is that it makes packing a breeze!




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5 thoughts on “Time Saving Tricks to Getting Dressed + Looking Fab!

  1. Now that my closet is officially cleansed (wahoo!!), I’m looking forward to trick #2. What an awesome idea to have your own look-book. Setting aside some time for this will definitely allow for creativity.

  2. Your advice to edit and organize your closet is spot on. I used to stand there staring at the rack of clothes feeling like I had nothing to wear. Now, that I have gotten rid of things that didn’t work or make me feel good, it’s easier to get dressed. What do you think of having one closet for warm weather and another for cold? Would you recommend separating professional work clothes from a casual home wardrobe? Thanks Elsa!

    1. Hey Jamie! Yes I always separate my fall/winter and /spring/summer clothes. I don’t have another closet (NYC living) so I pack my out of season stuff away in luggage. But yes, feel free to separate and organize in a way that will help streamline getting dressed <3

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