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Top Must-Have Styling Tools To Buy Now!


Every time I work on a photoshoot, I ALWAYS bring my trusty bag filled with all kinds of tools and supplies to help make my shoots go smoothly.

I call this bag my Styling Kit.

While many of the tools in my Styling Kit may not be very useful for you in your everyday wardrobe needs, there are a few staple items that I think every woman should have as part of their own ‘Personal Styling Kit.’ 

Not only will these tools help make getting dressed everyday a little easier, but they’ll also help make your clothes last longer.

So read on to find out what these must have essentials are + links to get them!


Jiffy Steamer

Jimmy Steamer

A steamer is WAY easier than ironing you’re clothes and it’s much gentler on your clothes than ironing, which tends to crush fabric which weakens clothing over time.

Jiffy is the best and most reliable as far as steamers go. And I recommend getting the larger version if you have the space for it… It will last you several years. 

There is a portable version also, which works great also but you’ll need to refill with water more often than with the larger version.


Lint Brush

Lint Brush 2

As a stylist, nothing gets under my skin more than when I see someone wearing a garment covered in lint/hair, etc. You could be wearing a $500 black dress, but if there’s lint all over it, that dress can easily look like it cost $25. 

I recommend the tape lint brushes instead of the actual brush versions because they do a much better job.

Some garments are easy to collect lint and different fires, so it’s always a good idea to carry a portable version with you in your bag also.


Double-Sided Tape

Jennifer Lopez at the 42nd Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Feb. 23, 2000 in Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo by Kirby Lee/WireImage)

These little guys are like miracle workers! I just love how multi-purpose they are without being permanent. 

Here are just some of the ways you can use double-sided tape:

  • keep gaps between buttons closed
  • shorten sleeves
  • keep lapels flat
  • hem pants, skirts or dresses
  • keep layered clothing together


Makeup Sponge

Deodorant marks

If you’re wondering why in the world I’d recommend a make-up sponge for your Personal Styling Kit, I understand your confusion.

But trust me when I tell you that a make-up sponge removes deodorant stains from clothing like nobody’s business!

Thank me later ;)


Tide To Go Stain Removal Pen

Tide to go 2

Ever spill food or a drink on yourself while at work or just out with friends? By the time you get home, chances are the stain may have already set in to the fibers of your garment, leaving it stained/ruined for good.

While nothing will compare to getting something laundered right away, this stain removal pen will provide instant stain fighting action for your next accident. Real Simple ranked it the top stain removal pen in the market. And with its’s sleek pen design, you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Out of curiosity, did you already have any of these tools?

If so, which ones, and which ones do you plan on getting next?

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the tools I mentioned above.



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