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What if you’re a
new wardrobe away
from the business +
life of your dreams?

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What if you’re a
new wardrobe away
from the business +
life of your dreams?

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What NOT to wear in your next photo/video shoot.

(Get the guide + you’ll also get access to my signature Body Shape Calculator!)


My photos have MADE my brand, and the outfits made the photos!

—Laura Belgray

Lady, listen.

You’re smart. Successful. You’ve built your dreams from the ground up.

You’ve done amazing things most people only dream about. So most days you feel pretty fantastic.

…But then IT happens. You look in the mirror + realize you’re wearing a dress from 5 years ago. Or you meet up with that one girlfriend who always has the latest, hottest Jimmy Choos + try to hide your Keds in embarrassment. Or maybe you sashay into an industry event feelin’ great…until you realize everybody else not only looks fabulous, they look just-stepped-out-of-a-magazine fabulous.

It’s called Style Envy, and it sucks.

I help women like you stop hiding and start showing up with unshakeable confidence. How you feel has a huge impact on the work you do in the world. I can help you choose the clothes that can supercharge how you feel and take your business and life to new heights.

Laura Belgray

When I set up my own first professional photoshoot for my business, I refused to schedule the date till I knew Elsa would be free to style me.

I’d worked with her before, in our shoot for The Copy Cure – and I’d had hesitations about some of the things she picked, until I put them on.

And then I learned, JUST TRUST ELSA. She knows what will look good on me, and she knows what reads on camera. That’s a huge thing.

In fact, the only outfit I didn’t like from my shoot — which ran long — was the one I chose after she left. She’s a genius, and I’m thrilled with my pictures and what I’m wearing in all of them!”

Laura Belgray

Marie Forleo

I just want to say how much I freakin’ love Elsa! I’ve always dreamed of having a stylist for video shoots, personal events… to have a stylist actually come help put me together, and make my fashion dreams come true…no one is better than Elsa.”

Marie Forleo

Camille Farey

Since upgrading my images and launching my new site, I’ve noticed that I’m attracting clients with higher budgets, creating instant trust with them, and closing sales much more easily than before.

Just this week I signed two new pay-in-full clients. They both went from complete strangers to happy “can I give you my credit card over the phone?” customers in 30 minutes flat. I’ve even had a couple of new clients book me directly through email — no consult call needed.

The style Elsa helped me create is a huge part of this success. Rather than treating clothes as a superficial outer layer, she sees them in the larger context of your life and business – essential tools for defining who you are and who you want to be.”

Camille Farey

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Elsa, a pro fashion stylist based in NYC.

I’ve been Lenny Kravitz’ stylist, Katie Couric’s stylist, Marie Forleo’s stylist. And now?

I’m YOUR fashion stylist.

Why am I for you?

  • BECAUSE you’re successful and want to look the part. But you hate shopping. You have a few go-to outfits but other than that, your closet makes you cry.
  • BECAUSE you have style envy, to the tune of: “I’d love to rock a look like that but I wouldn’t dare.”
  • BECAUSE maybe you don’t pore over Vogue or have runway lust, but you know how you feel when you look great — and dammit, you want to feel and look that way every day.

And me? That’s exactly what I do.

I find and put together the perfect clothes for your body.

From special pieces to mix with your favorite skirt or jeans, to ready-to-grab, head to toe looks, I’ll have you stylin’ in confidence in no time flat! So whether you’re invited to a sexy cocktail party or to speak on stage, you never have that “nothing to wear” moment again.

Ready to get styled?

Here’s how I help successful women entrepreneurs & professionals be confident, feel beautiful and show up as their best selves.

Personal Styling

Your success may have skyrocketed, but your outward reflection hasn’t quite kept up. Truthfully, you spend most days in yoga pants. And you can’t even remember the last time you bought a new dress that wasn’t off the sale rack.

Stop right there, sister.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

My job is to take the guesswork out of how to dress and make fashion easy + accessible to even the busiest business bombshells.


‘Cause I love helping women look + feel beautiful, and I know that when you rock a style that matches your dope personality, amazing things unfold.

Whether you have an upcoming speaking gig, photo or video shoot, or need to uplevel your wardrobe for VIP appearances and events, there’s a way we can use style to enhance your life, business and career.

We can work together in-person here in NYC, or I can travel to wherever you are in the world. My services can also be 100% virtual, and I can shop, ship + fit you into the wardrobe of your dreams without either of us ever having to step foot into a store.

Book a Signature Style Assessment so we can chat about where you are now, where you want to go, and how personal styling can help you reach your goals and create the life, business + career of your dreams.

Pro Styling Tip: For virtual packages, we recommend giving yourself at least 4-6 weeks lead time for any photoshoots or events coming up so we have the time we need to shop, ship + fit you into your new wardrobe!

(Packages start at $7,500)

Get BeYOUtiful
Style Academy

Once you know how to work with your one-of-a-kind body shape, everything changes.

That’s exactly why I created the BeYOUtiful Style Academy!

The truth is: having a personal style is SO much more than the clothes you wear. It’s an expression of who you are + what you want.

And if you’re out there changing the world, shouldn’t you dress in a way that reflects that? (Hint: Hell yes!)

This self-paced 5-boutique program will give you all the resources + support you need to create a signature style that helps you show up as the star you are in your life + business.

Because this isn’t really about fashion. It’s not even about style.

It’s about you, your soul + your purpose.
It’s about being beYOUtiful.

This is the perfect budget-friendly option for you if you’re ready to take that first step to upleveling your personal style so you can also uplevel in your life, business + career.

(Just $497 or three payments of $175)

I would totally recommend Elsa to others looking to up their style and confidence– she has an eye for creating memorable and standout looks that brings out the best in her clients.

— Jamila Souffrant

Getting dressed every day in clothes that match my vibe has helped me make more money, have more inspired and aligned ideas, and generally helped me feel more confident.

—Eryn Morgan

Elsa’s got an eye for what will pop, all while staying true to your own style. She’s simply the best!

—Katherine S.

Elsa’s a genius. Whenever I wear a piece she picked, people stop me and ask me where I got it, and all I can tell them is, “Hire Elsa Isaac!”

—Alex Carter

More Love from Clients

On top of styling big names like Lenny Kravitz, Katie Couric, and Marie Forleo, here are 11 random facts about me…


I love clothes but hate the fashion industry. I think it’s gross. Where I’m from we kiss three times, but I dread the double air kiss. I’m really more of a hugger, anyway.


I’m originally from a tiny, beautiful country called Eritrea… located in east Africa. (You know Ethiopia? It’s like, right there.)


I nearly died at 4 months when a bomb hit our village. I was asleep in a house that caught fire. I still have shrapnel floating inside me! I survived that incident in a place that had no hospital and no professional medical aid around… miracles do happen: in fact, in my family we’ve been blessed with 5 miracles, one for each of us, as we’ve each had a close brush with death in our lives. I am humbled by the grace of God each & every morning I open my eyes.


My love of style may have started with dressing up Barbies when I was a kid…but for the record: I’d have dressed Barbie just as well if she had a thick middle or junk in the trunk.


I use the same one side of a towel to dry the top half of me & the other side to dry the bottom half. I also bring my own towel everywhere I go! Even fancy hotels. Yes, it’s weird. I blame my mom for telling me never to use someone else’s towel.


My family moved to Canada when I was 4 and that’s really where I spent most of my life, until moving to New York in 2006. You can’t tell I’m from Canada. I don’t say “aboot.”


I got my start in the styling business dressing musicians for music videos in Toronto. When I moved to New York, I began working on magazine & commercial shoots as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with companies like Essence, Redbook, Good Housekeeping Magazine and celebrities (see my portfolio) like Phylicia Rashad, Brooke Shields & Lenny Kravitz!


I heart metallics. You know “shiny object syndrome”? I have shiny clothes syndrome. Must. Buy.


I have a serious addiction to lotion! And chapstick. Attempt to take either of these away from me, and you will pay the consequences.


I LOVE MY JOB! I love clothes, belts, shoes, scarves, rings, “statement” necklaces. I love putting them together. Most of all, I love putting them on you, or showing you how to pick them and wear them yourself.


That’s what I hope to do for you here…help you LOOK and FEEL your absolute best, all the time!

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