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4 Ways to Wear Sneakers and Look Cute!

As much as I love how a pair of heels can make a woman’s legs + any outfit look sexy AF, the reality is, they’re just not always practical.

And if you’re feet are anything like mine, they start begging for mercy after all of 30 minutes in a pair of heels. Now don’t get me wrong, there are times/occasions when I think the pain of heels is worth it, but for the most part I do my best to keep my feet happy. Wearing sneakers is definitely one of the ways I do that.

If you’ve always wanted to wear sneakers too but didn’t know how to create cute and wearable looks around them, then this post is for you!

1st: It’s important to choose a sneaker that looks more fashionable than an athletic sneaker. The look you’re going for here is cute & comfortable, not like you’re about to hit the gym ;)

Here’s an example of each so you see the difference:



2nd: Be sure the sneaker is more form fitting on your foot than bulky. You should to apply the same clothing fit principles to your shoes. A slim fit sneaker will be less distracting to your outfit and create a more streamlined overall look.


3rd: Pay attention to the toe shape of your sneaker. A more rounded/pointy toe will make your foot look slimming and make you look taller ;)


4th: Opt for a low-top sneaker instead of a high-top. Your ankle is the smallest part of your leg, so it’s important to highlight that feature, rather than hide it with bulky fabric/material.




Now that you know the what type of sneaker to look for, here are 4 ways to wear sneakers that will make you feel cute & put together!


Sneakers + Jeans


Sneakers + Dresses


Sneakers + Pants/Pant suit


Sneakers + Skirts

Okay pretty lady! You’re officially ready to create your own personal sneaker look!

Which sneaker type & style were your favorites? Let me know!



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