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5 Ways to Look Taller instantly!

If you’re a vertically petite woman like me, then I’m sure you’ve had days when you just wanna feel like you’re on top of the world, right?

My hubby is 6’4” and I often wonder what the world looks like from up there, and secretly wish he could just give away 3 or 4 of his inches to me… I mean, he’d still be left with plenty to work with.

Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way, so when I’m itchin’ for a little height, I do what I do best… create the illusion of it with the magic of clothing!

And get ready beautiful, I’m giving up my top 5 tricks to looking taller right, now!


1. Go All The Way Down

…with your hem length that is. Anytime you wear pants, jeans or a dress, be sure the hemline in the back covers the heels of your shoes (flats or with heels).


2. Go Monochromatic

Choose one color/shade and wear it from head to toe. This should include your shoes and any other accessories in your look. The reason this works is because it leads the eye to flow up & down continuously, without any interruption. 


3. Balance It

As human beings we’re naturally attracted to balance & proportion. When things appear out of balance we tend to pause & study it more. So if you happen to have a longer torso, a good way to balance that with you’re lower half is by wearing a blouse tucked into a pair of high-waisted pants. If you have long legs & a short torso, try a low waisted pant with a top hem that comes to the bottom of the pant waistband. 

In the example below, the pleated sleeves balance the volume of the pleated skirt, and (most importantly) the waist line is beautifully highlighted to create the perfect balance.


4. Show It Off

In order to create that long lean vertical line it’s important that the clothes you select fit close to your body. What I mean by that is your clothes shouldn’t be too baggy so that the appearance of the extra fabric disrupts the eye flow, or too tight to the point where you are cutting into your body lines. The fabric should gently skim your body and beautiful showcase that killer figure of yours!


5. Step Into It!

Well, it’s time for the most obvious go-to solution for height… HEELS! And as much as my flat feet HATE wearing them, there’s no denying the incredible amount of added sexiness that comes from having them on! Heels with a pointy toe will help add even more height to your frame. Also, try to avoid ankle straps as they tend to disrupt vertical eye flow.

There you have it, all my secrets on creating the illusion of length with your clothes. If you’ve ever used any of the above methods (minus wearing heels) before, I’d love to hear about it below. 



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