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5 Winter Trends You can Actually Wear: 2018 Edition

Guess what pretty lady??!

It’s that time of year again!

Time for me to deliver my seasonal homework for you, and let you know which trends for this fall/winter season are actually wearable (I have 5 for you this time)!

And I’m actually going to stop writing anything else right now, and get right to the juicy info…ready?!


Wearable Trend #1: Leopard


Why I love it Because even though leopard is often seen as a ‘bad-ass’ print (and it is), it can be made classy easily and is SO versatile.

How to wear it:  The possibilities here are seriously endless. Depending on your comfortability of wearing pattern, you can wear leopard print in a dress, top, skirt, pant, jacket, handbag or shoes. But remember if you have wider hips like me, to keep the the leopard to your top half. And if you have wider shoulders, to keep it to your bottom half. Oh and also, try and avoid wearing 2 different types of leopard print together.

Will it last:  Obviously leopard print isn’t a new trend and I personally don’t think it’s ever going away :)


Wearable Trend #1: Checked/Plaid Tweed

Why I love it:   It’s a really great way for those who prefer a more classic style to create interest in their looks. You don’t have to be flashy or trend obsessed to have great style.

How to wear it:  I think my most favorite ways to wear this trend is in a blazer, or in a coat like Carolina did in the image above.

Will it last:  Definitely!


Wearable Trend #1: Statement Scarves

Why I love it:  This is such a perfect way to try out something more bold with your style, with very little commitment. You can grab a statement at fairly low price point, in a wide array of options and experiment with different options.

How to wear it:  Choose bold scarf. Wear proudly! Oh and be sure the outfit you wear isn’t competing, with your statement scarf.

Will it last:  Probably not for too long, so have fun with it while you can.


Wearable Trend #1: Leather

Why I love itBecause leather can be sexy, edgy, classic and so much fun. 

How to wear it: Well this year, you can wear it any way you want that suits your body shape: in a skirt, dress, leggings/pants, blazer, jacket, boots (obviously, right?) and tops!

Will it last: Leather itself will never go out style, but what you will see vary, are the colors and the type of garments made in leather


Wearable Trend #1: Bold Colorblocking

Why I love it I mean if you know me, this one’s pretty easy to answer. I LOVE me some bold colors, so having the opportunity to wear in a new way excites me to no end. You can keep everything else in your wardrobe super simple, and create versatility with color blocking alone!

How to wear it:  Believe it or not, there are actually a few ways you can pull this trend off… look for bold color blocking in your tops, pants, coat and handbag ;)

Will it last: I think color blocking will be around for awhile, but I think the color combos will change up each year.

It’s no surprise that the bold color-blocking trend is my clear favorite, which one is your?! Let me know in the comments below 



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