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The Best T-Shirt Ever!

A few days ago, I bought the best t-shirt ever and I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it!

As someone who looks at and evaluates every single detail in clothing, it’s rare that I find a garment with all the right details. Especially in a common item like a t-shirt. There are so many brands & styles out there that aren’t made well, that sometimes it feels like a losing battle… but not today pretty lady.

Today I’m introducing you to one of the best tee’s I’ve ever come across. And when I win, you win too. So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the….


Eileen Fisher’s Organic Cotton Jersey T-shirt


If you’re shocked that the best t-shirt ever is made by Eileen Fisher, don’t be. This brand often has several gems in it’s collection each season, so be sure to give it chance the next time you’re shopping. The icing on the cake is that the brand is an ethical and socially conscious one. They allow you to return your old Eileen Fisher items to their store, so they can reuse the fabric in new ways….amazing right?!


So What Makes It The Best Tee Ever?

The Fabric: is a high quality soft and light organic cotton + jersey blend with the perfect amount of drape to it.

The Neckline: is a beautiful v-neck shape that isn’t too high or too low.

The Sleeves: are cut at a slight angle to create visual interest and a nicely curved silhouette

The Hemline: is a perfect length and is slightly rounded to create a softer & leaner overall silhouette.

Bonus; the shirt comes in 8 different color options (all 8 colors are available on

Now let’s talk sizing for a minute, Eileen Fisher runs pretty large, so you’ll have to size down at least 1 size. I usually wear a size small/medium, and I fit into an extra-small in this tee.

Here are 3 stores where you can get this t-shirt (FYI, this is not a paid endorsement):

Eileen Fisher



So go grab your tee now, and then keep me posted on your thoughts after you’ve worn it, deal?



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9 thoughts on “The Best T-Shirt Ever!

  1. Hey Elsa, Thanks so much for this GREAT recommendation!! I’m always looking for the perfect tee. Quick question: do you recommend the petite sizing for us shorter folks? Or just regular?

    Thank you!! xo

  2. So behind in reading emails and blogs, but yours are the best! Thank you for your recommendations, Elsa! Finding a well-fitted, t-shirt is hard to
    find this was a time saver..going to order now!

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