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How to Choose the Perfect Blazer!


One of the things I find really interesting when I’m working with clients, is how divided women are when it comes to wearing blazers.

It seems like there’s no real middle ground on the topic, women either love them or hate them. Which is really fascinating to me!

I happen to be a fan of blazers myself, but if you don’t feel comfortable or like yourself in blazers, that’s totally cool! This post is not about trying to convince you to start wearing them.

This post is for you if you like, or are curious about wearing blazers, and are looking for a little direction on how to select the perfect one ;)

There are 6 details to look out for, before you decide to hand the cashier your card.


Detail 1: The Collar

A V-Shape collar is the most streamlined + flattering when it comes to a blazer. As you know it leads the eye up & down vertically and makes you look taller. This shape collar also allows you to wear a wider variety of tops underneath it.


Detail 2: The Shoulders

This detail gets overlooked frequently. Where the shoulder seam sits on your shoulder lets you know how well a blazer does or doesn’t fit you. Your shoulder seams should sit right at the top of your shoulder, before the slope of your arm begins. If the shoulder seam sits too far off your shoulder, the shoulders fit too wide. And if the shoulder seam sits too far on your shoulder, toward your neck, the shoulders fit too small.


Detail 3: The Bodice

Warning: There are WAY too many blazers that have a boxy bodice, please don’t give in. A garment with a boxy cut bodice will make you look…boxy! And that is not the look you’re going for. Look for a blazer with a bodice that is more tailored and highlights your waist, without being too tight.


Detail 4: The Buttons

You don’t need more than one button (two MAX) on a blazer. Too many buttons are distracting and just add extra bulk.


Detail 5: The Sleeves

A slim fit sleeve makes you look slimmer ;) – if the fit of your sleeves are too wide, you’re adding extra bulk to your midsection with the excess fabric. Not to mention, well fitted sleeves makes a garment look high-end. And bonus points if you choose a blazer with w 3/4 length sleeve.


Detail 6: The Hemline

This is a big one. Look for blazers that have either a pointy or rounded hemline. A straight hemline cuts your body in half. Also, your hem line shouldn’t be too long, or too short, or it will distort the appearance of your proportions.

And that’s it pretty lady! Six details to help you find a perfect blazer that you’ll LOVE.

FYI, a blazer can be way more than a boring “professional” garment. There are plenty of ways to create fun and creative looks using a blazer.  It’s all about thinking outside the box and looking for cool + interesting colors, fabrics & textures – and pairing blazers with unexpected pieces. Here are a few images for inspiration:

Tell me something, how do you really feel about blazers? Do you love them, or do your best to avoid them?



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