What NOT to wear in your next photo/video shoot.

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How To Choose The Perfect Top!


I’m curious; How do you feel about the tops you currently own?

Do you love them? Hate them? Or feel pretty indifferent?

Do they flatter your shape? Make you feel confident?

What made you choose to buy them? Your answer to this question is what I’m most curious about.

Making the right choice when buying a garment is sometimes difficult, I get that. Which is why I’m committed to giving you tools that help make the decision process a whole lot easier.

Today I wanted to let you in on the 4 critical details I always look for in a top. These 4 details have helped me find the best options for both myself and my clients, time and time again.


1st Detail: The Neckline

The neckline of a top is important because it frames your face and impacts the appearance of your breasts. In general a lower neckline (V or low scoop), shows off your neck and décolletage area which is a very attractive area on a woman. It also leads the eye beautifully up to your face.

Also, if you’re neckline sits too high, it can make your breasts look they’re sitting lower on your chest than they actually are. We want those babies to look like they’re sitting up as high and perky as possible ;)

Remember, every stopping point on your garment is either working with or against the vertical eye-flow your outfit should be creating. So anytime you have a neckline shaped horizontally instead of vertically, you’re cutting into your overall length/height.


2nd Detail: The Bodice

I know many of us use our clothes to hide our bodies, but trust me when I tell you that you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re constantly wearing boxy-shaped tops.

I’m not saying that have to wear form-fitting tops, but you should at least be highlighting your waistline and bodice, with more tailored bodice tops that skim your body rather than hug it.


3rd Detail: The Sleeves

This is a detail that many women forget to consider. If you can’t see the separation of your arms from your torso in your tops, you’re just adding more bulk + boxiness to your look. The slimmer the sleeve fit, the slimmer you’ll look!


4th Detail: The Hem 

This is my favorite detail to look for in a top, even if it’s not always easy to find.  When you wear a straight hem top, you are cutting your body line in half! Your body is not made up of straight lines, it’s made of curves (yes, even if you have a Cameron Diaz/athletic shape). Tops with a round or curved hem are way more flattering on your body, because they follow your curves and again, lead the eye vertically instead of horizontally.

Okay love, it’s time to fess up, how many of these details do you usually look for when shopping for tops? Which detail do you think will make a big impact on your silhouette?


What NOT to wear in your next photo/video shoot.

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4 thoughts on “How To Choose The Perfect Top!

  1. Love this post, Elsa! Four spot-on tips that make a ton of sense! I was already in the know about necklines that work for me personally (V and scoop neck all the way). I almost always wear 3/4 sleeves or sleeveless tops, but now I get why they work. And the tip about straight hemlines is genius. Always look forward to your wardrobe wisdom. :)

  2. These tips are VERY helpful. I have a few tops with the all four tips in one! What about halter tops with a strapless bra to keep ‘em up so to speak e.g. cloth and stone cut-out halter top?

    1. A few tops that have all four details is amazing Joanne! DO you find you wear those tops more often than others? Could you please clarify your question about halter tops? I want to make sure I give you a proper reply :)


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