What NOT to wear in your next photo/video shoot.

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A-List celebs? Check.
(Various) industry darlings? Check.
Small business owners on the brink of superstardom? Check again.

TRUE STORY: I’ve styled some pretty fascinating people throughout my career.
Here are a few of the wonderful things they had to say about collaborating with me (excuse me while I try not to blush):

Marie Forleo

“I just want to say how much I ‘freakin’ love Elsa! I’ve always dreamed of having a stylist for video shoots, personal events… to have a stylist actually come help put me together, and make my fashion dreams come true…no one is better than Elsa.”

  • “When I first had my photo shoot scheduled it didn’t occur to me to hire a stylist. I just figured I’d look through my closet and wear some of my best pieces. I’m so glad that I was steered in the right direction, though, because having a stylist shop with me prior to the shoot and then help me put outfits together was crucial to the quality of the photographs. Knowing what to wear and how to put it together not only helped me feel at ease, it also made the photos pop in a way they wouldn’t have if I’d been styling myself. My fashion envelope was also pushed just enough to take the whole thing up a notch. I loved the experience and would do it again in a heartbeat!”

    • Kate Northrup - Portland, ME
    • Author of Money: A Love Story
    • www.katenorthrup.com
    • (photo credit: Christa Meola)
  • “Preparing a keynote or media appearance comes easily. But I’ve always struggled with finding a show-stopping ensemble that I feel comfortable and confident in. Elsa hooked me up with a year’s worth of fantastic outfits in one afternoon. Now, I can focus more on my audience and my message and less on my clothes! Thank you Elsa.”

    • Kris Carr - Woodstock, NY
    • NY Times best-selling author, wellness activist + cancer thriver
    • www.kriscarr.com
    • (photo credit: Amanda de Cadenet)
  • “Before I met Elsa, I had worked with several stylists, but never felt like any of them truly “got” me. I always ended up wanting more. Elsa not only “got” my style and helped me hone that even more, but made me look beautiful inside and out. She celebrates a woman feeling beautiful in her own skin and in the clothes she wears. Every item she picked for me are not my favorites but the ones I get comments on over and over again. If you want to feel sexy, beautiful and glowing, I highly suggest working with Elsa Isaac ~ you will love her!”

    • Cari Cole - New York, NY
    • CEO & President at Cari Cole Voice
    • www.caricole.com
    • (photo credit: Christa Meola)
  • “My live event, SDD Live, was coming up and I wanted to look confident + strong on stage. Since my event is just as much a rock concert as it is a learning environment, it was important that the clothes I wore matched my energy. You did an awesome job and I felt you cared and understood my essence quickly. The event was a huge success and I did not need to worry about how I looked at all because you handled it so well.”

  • “Elsa was NOT the first stylist I worked with. Others tried their best to morph me into a more sophisticated professional, ignoring the fact that I chose to stand out. Spandex is my fabric of choice, paired with either sneakers or incredible heels. My hair is a constantly shifting rainbow of colors. My music is as loud as my laugh. And no matter if it’s a red carpet event, a concert or another day at Soulcycle, I need to be me. From the very first time I worked with Elsa, she got it. She taught me ways to shop more effectively and how to view my own pieces in a different way. She is versatile and creative. She has also saved me from an imminent disaster more than once. Red carpet ready in 4 hours? No problem. Elsa has great instincts. For someone who’s lifestyle is in constant motion, she’s exactly what I need.”

  • “Elsa made me feel stylish and, dare I say it, BEAUTIFUL! She has such grace and insight, and an eye to make it all work. In less than one day, I had a wardrobe for the year, including the outfit for my TEDx talk. She was a pleasure to work with, and well worth a the special trip to NYC for me. I’ll be back!”

  • “Elsa made it really comfortable for me and actually helped me remove some of my body consciousness. I’m being much more creative with my wardrobe too. I can’t believe how much came out of my own closet! You are very warm and patient and an absolute pleasure to work with. My husband now thinks he needs you too!”

  • “Elsa empowers me to wear the outfit, not the other way around. When she styles me, I am sexy, confident and beautiful. I love that she’s always current, but is never one to push unflattering trends on you. She’s also a real gem to be around – 100% positive energy. She IS my stylist of choice. I trust her to dress me for any and all occasions… but my ultimate wish is to have her dress me daily!“

    • Leeza - Brooklyn, NY
    • Singer/Songwriter
  • “I just wanted to thank you for all of your help the other day.  You were so kind and patient and creative and insightful.  I felt totally and utterly spoiled. I have been going into shops and looking at people on the street with new eyes — for color and shape.  It has been fun to expand my vision. Most importantly, I feel a lot better about myself.”

    • Olivia Cantor - Brooklyn, NY
    • TV Program Sales
  • “Cleansing my closet was something I always wanted (done), but never got around to researching how to (actually do) it. I loved working with Elsa because she’s honest about what looks good on your specific body type and I felt super comfortable with her. She helped organize all my clothes, so that it was less overwhelming… and I could see my options. I ripped the tags off a couple items I was too scared to wear + those outfits became some of my go-to’s for (that) summer. Who knew? Elsa did! I have complete and total confidence in her eye.”