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Client Spotlight:: Camille Farey

A few months back I received a beautiful, heartfelt email from an incredible lady.

She was struggling with her style, and was really frustrated to see herself go from someone who once had a lot of fun with clothes + confidence in her appearance, to someone who’d ‘stopped trying’ all together.

Cami, a talented web designer, was sick of her current wardrobe woes, and was more than ready to get her groove & confidence back. Not to mention, she had a photoshoot coming up and needed help.

So Cami signed up to work with me virtually and we got busy.

She started out by filling out my questionnaire and refining her style Pinterest board. Then we jumped on a call to discuss her responses and the images she chose for her Pinterest board.

The next step was shopping, and Cami didn’t have to lift a finger for this part ;) – I did all the shopping for her online, put all my selections for her in a cart, then sent her the carts, and she made all the purchases.

Once she got all her shipments, we met up via video for our virtual fitting and played dress up for a couple of hours… hands down my favorite part!

Together we created several looks for her upcoming photoshoot, plus a couple of extra looks, and let me tell you, Cami and I had a B-A-L-L during this session!

She brought so much beautiful energy + sheer excitement to the fitting, but what I believe made our time together so successful, was how open Cami was to the entire process.

She was ready + open to seeing herself in a new light, as she entered this new phase of her life and business. And these images below are a reflection of the joy she felt knowing that how she looked on the outside, had finally aligned with the phenomenal woman she knew she was on the inside.

I mean, how amazing does she look, right?!?!

Keep shining gorgeous Cami, keep shining!





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3 thoughts on “Client Spotlight:: Camille Farey

  1. I live the first outfit, She looks amazing, please let her know ! I’d love to read an article on eco-friendly and sustainable clothing, there’s so much info around this right now it’s a little overwhelming!!

    1. Hi Emma! I will definitely look into eco-friendly and sustainable clothing and hopefully write about it in the future. I don’t know a whole lot about this particular market, so I’ll need to educate myself on it first <3

    2. Thank you Emma! That’s so sweet of you. I had a blast during my styling session with Elsa and my photos wouldn’t have turned out the same way without her. To anyone who’s on the fence about booking a styling session, I’d say go for it! Elsa and I achieved everything I was hoping for (and more), and I’m so grateful.

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