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How To Create Better Outfits!

My absolute favorite part of my job is when I get to put outfits together! For me, that’s where the magic happens, and it seriously lights me up and each and every time I get to do it.

But, I also know that this is an area many of my clients struggle with the most.They don’t think it’s something they can do because they’re not creative enough, or have the eye to combine garments together in a way that makes sense and makes them feel confident.

Truth is, you don’t need to be born with a natural talent of creating amazing outfits… I mean yes, it helps, but this is a skill you can master with time. You just need to be able to practice the skill over and over again, so you can get better and better at it over time.

Here’s what I tell my clients to do if they want to start creating more outfits that they’re proud of and excited to wear; Carve out, and schedule a 2 hour window, once a week, and do nothing but experiment with different combinations in your closet.


Here are 3 reasons why this works…

It allows you the space to slow down & take your time: This is impossible to do when you have less than 15 minutes to get ready, and are trying to a million other things before you head out the door or start your day.

It gives you the time to actually see what you have: Often times, we choose our outfit based on the items we can see at the front of out closet. When you give yourself extra time, you have the luxury to explore more of your closet, which means you’ll have more items to play with, which ultimately leads to more outfits ;)

It gives you the time to be creative/experiment: This is definitely one of biggest reasons to set aside time to create outfits. It’s really hard to be creative when your stressed out or short on time. Creativity is all about play, so be curious and do’t be afraid to take risks and make mistakes, because this is usually how great outfits are born.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes you several attempts to create an outfit you like, just keep trying! You’ll get better and faster the more you do it.

Once you’ve put together a look you like, take a picture of yourself in front of a full length mirror so you can reference it later, when you’re trying to determine what you want to wear.

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So…. who’s ready to schedule their first outfit creation session?!


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