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Creative Ways to Organize Your Accessories!

Last week we talked about 5 great ways to organize your closet, in a way that allows you to make better style decisions when getting dressed every day. But we were just getting started with that post, so consider this part two, to last week’s post.

Today, I wanna help you explore a few creative ways that you can keep your shoes & accessories organized just as beautifully as your clothes.

Let’s start with your shoes shall we?


Clear storage bins are such a better alternative to shoe boxes, because they allows you to see your selection of shoes, without having to rummage through boxes… this is a total time saver!

An over the door shoe rack is genius way to store your shoes, if you’re home is tight on closet space [or if you live in NYC ;)].

This cute shoe display storage set up was created using tension rods. So if you have an used area in your bedroom or closet where tension rods would fit, this is a great option! It’s also a great way to make use of unused space.




Use driftwood to keep you’re jewelry beautifully organized.

If you have an available drawer or two, you can use it to store & organize your jewelry! Just grab some jewelry organizer trays (really affordable) like you see here, in the right size to fit your drawer(s).

And here’s a storage a solution I came across that I LOVE! It’s a wall mirror vanity, that opens up to all these amazing jewelry storage compartments! Is this thing amazing or what?!

So whaddya think love?

Which of your accessories needs the most organization help? And which one of these storage solutions are you loving best? Let me know below!



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One thought on “Creative Ways to Organize Your Accessories!

  1. LOVE the Door Shoe Rack! My closets are small and my shoes are getting lost on the floor. I can’t see what I have. Thought about hanging a mirror on the inside of the closet door and a shoe rack is a much better use of space!!

    Never thought to organize jewelry in a draw. Great ideas. Thanks, Elsa! xo

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