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How To Dress For Your Inverted Triangle Body Shape!

Before we get started, I have a confession to make…I kinda hate referring to my body shape as a fruit (or geometry). 

So I decided that here, my virtual home of style, I would change that.

From here on out, our body shape will take on the names of strong, sexy & confident women who have proudly shared their talent with the world and left a great legacy as a result.

Say goodbye to The Inverted Triangle and hel-lo to the The Naomi Campbell!

Oh and just because we’re calling your shape The Naomi Campbell, this doesn’t mean you look so much like her you could be her stunt double. 

It just means you share the same body frame ;)



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5 thoughts on “How To Dress For Your Inverted Triangle Body Shape!

  1. This was validating! I think I’m on the right track. Though I have tons to learn. I have to wear wraps and things because my shoulders are so big, just like you say. I’m short waisted though so have trouble with most belts. I need very wide belts or clothes are not flattering. Bias cut things do work for me!

    I tried to get some help picking clothes last year but I don’t feel like the person was helpful. It was like she didn’t have a clue. I bigtime avoid buying because its hard to find things I like on me. I wish I had you!

    1. Hey Jodi!

      SO glad the info here helped you in some way!
      I usually advise my clients to stay away from wide belts because of the square-like waistline it creates.
      A belt should be worn to hold something up or to create visual interest AND highlight the smallest part of your waist.
      Can you tell me a bit more about how wide belts help your clothes look flattering?


  2. You totally nailed it, Elsa. This is so me! I’m glad you showed some icons with ideas of what to wear. I’m especially excited because everything that is included is exactly what I am attracted to. Still have LOADS to learn but I feel really excited about starting the journey.

    Keep me in the loop when you launch your course. I’m psyched!

    Thanks for being fabulous,



  3. I just discovered your website and I did the body type calculation… I’ve got the Naomi Campbell! I really appreciate having your direction on this.

    Do you have any additional recommendations for a triangle shape and being petite? I’m 5′ 0″ and shortwaisted. It can be very challenging to find clothing to fit and that I like. Thank you Elsa!

    1. Hi Kerry! Did you take a look at the corresponding PD for the Naomi Campbell shape? It’s downloadable so you can print it if you like :)

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