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How To Dress For Your Pear Body Shape!

Before we get started, I have a confession to make…I kinda hate referring to my body shape as a fruit (or geometry). 

So I decided that here, my virtual home of style, I would change that.

From here on out, your body shape will take on the names of strong, sexy & confident women who have proudly shared their talent with the world and left a great legacy as a result.

Say goodbye to The Pear Shape and hel-lo to the The Jennifer Lopez!

Oh and just because we’re calling your shape The Jennifer Lopez, this doesn’t mean you look so much like her you could be her stunt double. 

It just means you share the same body frame ;)


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9 thoughts on “How To Dress For Your Pear Body Shape!

  1. This is so me. When I go outside my Jennifer Lopez look I fail every time. This is my happy guide. I think I should stick this to my wall.
    Thanks so much
    – Gingervee

  2. I love this guide…it’s so cool! Thank you for creating this….. it makes sense why I always feel great in pencil skirts….. I am not a fan of wrap dresses as they feel a bit ‘old’ but I will reconsider!

    1. Hey Polly! Glad the guide had been useful for you. Some things won’t work for everyone, but it’s always great to try things in new ways too. xx,E

  3. Thank you so much. Question can you be a jennifer lopez and still have big breasts. I wear a 40 DDD bra so will I still be considered a jennifer lopez

  4. I have big breasts (well I feel like it) and big hips and butt (though I hate it). Do I still count as a Jennifer Lopez, as I have a lot of fat on my stomach (even if I have a smaller waist)?

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