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How to Know Where to Shop!

One of the reasons shopping is such a frustrating task for so many women is because they don’t know what stores they should be shopping in. And we can all agree here, that knowing where to go to find clothes that suit your body, lifestyle and wallet can definitely be a daunting task.

But what if I told you that knowing where to shop isn’t as frustrating as you think it is?

What if I told you that what you really hate about shopping, has more to do with you being unprepared than the act of shopping itself?

Well I’m here to tell you that having a plan and prepping ahead of time, before you go shopping, is the secret that will forever change your shopping life!

Here’s how to do it:

Determine your body shape

This is always the first step! Knowing your body shape and what silhouettes work best on your shape,  allows you to examine clothes with more detail + eliminate options that most likely won’t work, a lot faster. If you haven’t done so already, you can determine your body shape and how to dress for it here.


Determine your message

What do you want your clothes to say about you? Come up with three words that describe how you want to feel in your clothes. Use these words as filter questions. If a garment can’t make you feel at least 2 of your 3 words, then it’s a no!


Determine what you’re looking for

Trust me when I tell you, the more specific you are about what you’re shopping for, the happier you’ll be. Seriously, write down exactly what you’re looking for and limit it to no more than 2-3 items. This will allow you to zero in, and focus on specific items in a store, rather than be overwhelmed by the sea of options.


Determine the day and time

This may sound like such a simple thing to do, but honestly, most people don’t ever really give it much thought. Planning ahead and scheduling your shopping trip on a day and time when you have the most energy and the least amount of obstacles, means you’ll be super focused & efficient while shopping. So if you’re someone who crashes after a certain time in the day, or is frazzled by large groups, planning your trip ahead of time is going to save you lots of stress and anxiety. FYI, if you’re looking for a calm and peaceful shopping experience, definitely go on a weekday morning when it’s usually quietest ;)

Oh and another tip when scheduling your shopping trip; set a time limit for it. You know what your limits are, so schedule a time slot that is long enough that you don’t feel rushed, but short enough that it won’t leave you drained.


Determine the store(s)

Ahhh finally! We’ve arrived at the question we started with; so where do I shop?

Answer: Start with a department a store. A department store has a ton of different brand options all under one roof, which increases your chances at finding pieces you love and fit well.

Guess what else? Often times they have a personal styling department, with dedicated employee stylists to help you navigate the different brands and give you a second opinion should you need it.


At the end of the day, there’s no way around having to shop for your clothes yourself [unless you hire me of course ;) ] – But if you take the time to plan ahead and equip yourself with the information you need to make really good & informed buying decisions, you may find yourself liking shopping after all ;)

Now I have a questions for you; are you one of the many women who hate shopping? If so, what about it turns you off?



What NOT to wear in your next photo/video shoot.

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