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How to Make Your Butt Look Good in Jeans (Every Time)!

If making sure you butt looks ah-mazing isn’t your #1 goal when trying on jeans, then you’re doing jeans all wrong my love.

Blue jeans have come a loooong way since Levi’s first created them back in 1871. There are 100’s, if not 1000’s of different denim brands + style variations out there, so it’s totally understandable if you get overwhelmed trying to choose the perfect pair. So, how do you know if you’re buying the perfect pair of jeans…well, by making sure your butt looks AMAZING in them!

And because I want your butt to look great in jeans, I’m about to lay down the sure-fire way you can make this happen, each and every time ;)

There are 3 specific details to look for, when selecting the a pair of jeans that make you butt look oh-so-booty-licious


Detail #1: The Size of the Pocket

Scale is a really important factor in the world of styling. If you’re wearing clothing, accessories or prints that are too big or too small for your body, there’s an immediate disconnect. Well the size of your back pockets are no different. If you have a bigger booty, it’s important to find pockets that are in proportion with your booty. And of course if you have a smaller booty, wearing pockets that are too large will overwhelm your frame.

The right size pocket should sit right in the center of each butt cheek.

POCKET TOO SMALL                                   POCKET TOO SMALL 




Detail 2: The Placement of the Pockets

Quick question: Have you ever wanted your butt to look saggy in Jeans? I’m assuming your answer is no… but that’s exactly what your butt will look like, if the pockets of your jeans sit too far down on your booty. So in short, please say no to saggy booty!





Detail 3: The Size of the Yoke

The Yoke is a ‘V’ shaped seam usually located just under the waistband. It’s function is to help make your jeans fit better, so it’s important to find the right shape yoke for your shape.

If a yoke dips too low on your butt, it has a tendency to separate the pockets too far apart making your butt look wider than it is.

If a yoke is too straight, it may give your butt a blocky square shape because the seam isn’t mimicking the curves on your body.

If there’s no yoke at all, the lack of structure can make your back pockets look their floating on your butt, leaving you with little to zero definition. Not to mention the overall fit of the jeans on your butt will most likely be compromised.

                        NO YOKE                                            STRAIGHT YOKE


                      DEEP YOKE                                         JUST RIGHT YOKE!


Notice how a lot of these differences in the detail are really minor? These tiny details make such a big difference to your overall fit and appearance, so knowing where to look and what to look for, will not only make your life SO MUCH easier, it will have your butt looking better than eva!

If you have a hot pair of jeans that you know make your butt look super sexy, tell me about’em! Did you know what to look for when you bought them? Looking forward to reading all the juicy details ;)

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4 thoughts on “How to Make Your Butt Look Good in Jeans (Every Time)!

    1. Hey Holly! Not too wide.. the goal is really to center each pocket in the center of each butt cheek, AND to be sure the size of the pocket is in proportion of each butt cheek too. Make sense?

  1. That was very helpful! I’ve been putting off investing in a great quality pair of jeans because I didn’t want to waste money on a regret. lol I’m ready now.

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