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How To Organize Your Closet!

Part of what I do as a stylist involves helping women clean out their closets. And as you can imagine, I’ve seen a LOT of closets in my time, and I’ve learned that it’s definitely an area of our lives that we neglect often.

When it comes to personal style, many women focus on the clothing, which is understandable. But as I’ve said before, clothes are just part of the equation, when it comes to mastering your style.

Your closet setup plays a pretty big role in the success of your daily outfit creations. If it’s not organized in a way that allows you to have easy access to, and to fully see what you have, it’s really hard to make good style decisions.

So here are the exact steps I take with my clients (and myself), to create a closet that is not only organized in a way that will save you time, but also in a way that inspires your creativity!

NOTE: Before you implement the changes I’m about to share with you, I STRONGLY recommend that you do a closet cleanse first (or at least have done one in the last 6 months). The clothes in your closet should only be filled with pieces you love and that fit your current body size and lifestyle… any garment that doesn’t do this, is just a distraction.

Here’s a link to a previous blog post of mine, that walks you through how to do a thorough Closet Cleanse.

Now, let’s organize your closet shall we?!

Step 1: Fold your jeans, sweaters and t-shirts

Not every garment should be hung up. Folding your jeans, sweaters and t-shirts, will help save you hanging space and your closet but also avoid those ugly hanger marks on your sweaters & t-shirts!

Step 2: Organize and hang garments by category

These are the categories I use to organize closets (starting from left to right):

  • Tank tops
  • Short sleeve tops
  • Long sleeve tops
  • Skirts
  • Pants
  • Dresses

Step 3: Arrange each category by color

Color coding may seem like OCD but it’s actually just smart. In fact, many retail stores merchandise their clothing by color. Our eyes are naturally drawn to things that are easy for our brains to process. Having your clothes grouped in the same/similar color family, not only makes it quicker for you to find pieces, but often times makes it easier to spark creative  outfit ideas ;)

Step 4: Get good lighting

A lot of closets do not include built in lighting. This does not mean you have to live with a dark closet. Seeing your clothes is the common theme here, so if the current lighting situation in your closet is insufficient, you can add your own.

Here are a couple light options you can easily install yourself:

Step 5: Have a full length mirror nearby

Have I ever told you how many women don’t have a full length mirror at home? It’s actually staggering.

Seeing yourself in your clothing (from head to toe), is just as important as seeing your clothes in your closet. And also, make your life easier by having that full length mirror by your closet. If you’re mirror is in the bathroom for example, you’re wasting valuable time going back and forth between closet and bathroom. That time is better served experimenting & creating outfits.

Bonus tip: Use velvet hangers 

Velvet hangers keep your clothes from slipping off the hanger and save you tons of space in your closet because of how slim and slender they are. And using one color for all your hangers, will make your closet look even more put together.

What’s your current closet situation like?

Can you see and access your closet items easily, or do you need to schedule a weekend to implement my steps above?



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2 thoughts on “How To Organize Your Closet!

  1. My problem is shoe storage. I live with n an apartment, so my space is limited. I have not figured out the best way to store my shoes so I can see and access them easily. Keeping them in boxes is what I do now and it’s awful and messy. I also need to implement your other organizational techniques

    1. Hey Georgina! Stay tuned for next week’s post, I’ll talk about about how to store/organize your accessories, shoes included :)

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