Calling all world-changing 6,7, and 8-figure female entrepreneurs and self-made bosses ready to embody their next level selves:

You’re exclusively invited to a lavish branding photoshoot experience carefully curated to upgrade your confidence, mindset, and brand with stunning all-pro photos that ensure you’re always spotlight-ready – in just 1 day!

Join us in New York City on July 29th, 2023


or book a call with Elsa to learn more!

Let’s be honest: you’re busy doing #allthethings.

Running your empire, breaking generational patterns, raising little humans, being a present partner.

You ARE stretched super thin. Especially now that you’ve been unexpectedly catapulted into the forefront into a WHOLE new level of visibility.

Press. Books. TV. Magazines. Podcasts. Interviews. Brand deals. Commercials. Partnerships.

Things are moving wayyy faster than you can keep up with. The influx of high-level opportunities requires your brand to look premium.

You know a picture is worth a thousand words.

And tens of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in new business and opportunities.

Are your current branding photos communicating that?

The problem is producing a branding photoshoot isn’t easy. Scratch that. They’re a logistical nightmare, am I right?



  • Scavenge Facebook groups and collect referrals from friends for photographers that understand your vision.
  • Spend HOURS on end scrolling through portfolios of hairstylists and makeup artists for ones that can bring out your beauty without turning you into someone unrecognizable.
  • Call and set up fifty million discovery calls. Shoot off email after email, trying to align calendars to see when everyone’s available.Forget you also need to scout iconic locations that fit your brand since that’s out of the photographer’s scope. Spend hours doing that.
  • Recover from the migraine caused by steps 1-4. Charge thousands of dollars for clothes on your Amex as you try to find all the necessary wardrobe pieces that’ll make you look like the
  • Try the clothes on. Return them. Buy more. Forget to schedule an Uber for the day of.
  • Forget not to pose awkwardly in front of the camera. Oh! And the props. Where do those things go? Silence your stomach from hunger and not relax.
  • Aren’t you exhausted just thinking about it?!

Especially when you’re running your own company, mothering,
partnering, bossing and doing all.the.things?

Not you.


What if someone did it all for you?
The planning. The hiring. The production. The scheduling.

And all you have to do is
Show up like the boss that you are.

Put on the most stunning outfits, get your hair and makeup done to perfection, groove to your favorite songs, eat the most decadent food, surrounded by a team that’s pampering you…

All while you’re getting the most breathtaking photos of you taken!

Who knew that something so incredible existed! Well, you’re in luck.

I’ve created a powerfully transformative experience that’s meant to do all that and more.


A one-day full-service branding photoshoot experience dripping in luxury, authenticity, and unmatched
quality for the 6, 7, and 8-figure female business owner who’s at the edge of her next level – and needs an
elevated branding experience that reflects that.


or book a call with Elsa to learn more!

A one-day VIP done-for-you branding photoshoot unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before

You won’t have to lift your well-manicured fingers to do a thing.

We’ve been dreaming of putting together an event like this and are SO excited to share it with you. This experience is truly one of a kind.

So lush. So perfectly unique.


Unlike Mariah, Lights. Camera. Luxe! doesn’t just have one “good side.”
It’s dope vibes, luxury, and excellence no matter how you look at it:



    It’s truly a “just book it, answer a few questions, clear your schedule and let us take care of it all” service, from transportation to meals to photos and SO much more.

    The quality of photos you’ll walk away with are perfect personifications of the incredible woman you are today, unlike any other branding photos in your industry.

    This is no cookie-cutter solution. Every part of the experience, from the hair to the makeup to the music to the clothes, is custom to you.
  • A-LIST

    The level of talent curated is top-notch. The team is fun, carefree, yet highly professional, ensuring you’re at ease throughout the day.

    The team works together to curate a cohesive experience that reflects the woman you need to show up as, so your makeup, hair, and clothes all complement each other. No piecemealing, no trends, just authentic you.
Before I share more details on this highly-personalized experience, let me introduce you to that A-list talent I just mentioned.


Your team has been featured in:

Elsa Isaac
Stylist & Creative director

I’m Elsa, a pro fashion stylist based in NYC. I’ve been Lenny Kravitz’s stylist, Phylicia Rashad’s stylist, Marie Forleo’s stylist. And now?

I’m YOUR fashion stylist. And as YOUR stylist and the creative director of Lights. Camera. Luxe! I’ll style your next million-dollar look.

That is, with the help of this crazy talented team I’ve brought together:

Diane Zhao

Diane Zhao is a fashion, beauty, and advertising photographer who is currently based in NYC. After assisting some of the world’s most influential photographers, she has since built an extensive client list around the world and amassed a sizable following on social media.

Fatimot Isadare
Makeup Artist

Fatimot Isadare is a Pro Makeup artist, product development consultant, and content creator. She has been in the beauty industry for 10+ years. Fatimot is a native New Orleanian, it’s where she discovered her passion for the arts, creativity, and beauty. She is a self taught makeup artist who has climbed her way up in the beauty industry, working several years as an assistant makeup artist for fashion and beauty industry veteran Pat McGrath. She’s done fashion shows for top designer brands around the round world, her work has also been published in several editorials such as Teen Vouge, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Refinery 29, Kinfolk and New York magazine-The Cut. She has worked with celebrities and public figures getting them ready for red carpet events,television, and other productions. Fatimot is an expert in her field and has been sought out by brands such as Glossier, Victoria Beckham Beauty, Ilia Beauty, & Parade to consult in the product development process. She’s truly passionate about her line of her work, and enjoys making others feel beautiful!

Anike Raibu
Hair Stylist

Anike is a Nigerian-born, New York-based (and licensed) Cosmetologist focusing on Hair Styling. An experienced editorial hairstylist, Anike is the creative hand behind many of the curly hairstyles you see in designer brand ads, beauty campaigns, and so much more. You can catch her work in some of the biggest beauty and fashion magazines in the world. Her editorial images encapsulate how hair can have its own artistic sensibilities.

If you’re reading this and thinking
“This sounds incredible…”

but aren’t sure you “deserve” to work with talent at this level,

Allow me to remind you of WHO YOU ARE:

  • The CEO of your own 6,7, and 8-figure empire.
  • A BAWSE with a capital B, beautiful.
  • A trailblazer that’s making waves inside and outside of your industry.
  • A rising leader who’s got big things to do and thousands of lives to change.

You can’t afford to keep doing everything yourself.

Your business can’t afford to miss out on major visibility opportunities like book deals, TV appearances, lucrative partnerships, or magazine features.

Your audience can’t afford to not discover and buy from you because you don’t have professional, high-quality photos that tell your million-dollar story for you.


Because once you see how well it fits, how expansive it feels, and how
good it looks, you’ll never be able to go back to who you were before.

Lights. Camera. Luxe! can unlock that next level
in just one day. So, if:

  • Your sparkle’s been dimmed by too many client meetings and too many nights at the office…
  • You’ve been winning at working and wife-ing and mom-ing, but losing at me-time…
  • You love a bit of luxury, some time to yourself, a bit of pampering…
  • You want to spend your precious and expensive time making money, treating yourself, and growing your business…
    Instead of where to find and book photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, creative directors, and producers that can see your next level and bring it to life…
    What clothes flatter your figure, read well on camera AND show off your personality…
    Or figuring out what poses make you appear confident, assured, and expert-like…


And you’re ready to:

  • Effortlessly attract clients and brands with premium budgets and more visibility
  • Have professional photos that give you the confidence to go after and accept bigger, better opportunities you’ve never even dreamed of before
  • Position yourself as an expert without saying a word and let your photos do the talking and selling for you
  • Pitch big names, big brands, and big deals and book them like nobody’s business
  • Leave your mark on the world and upgrade to a million-dollar brand aesthetic

Then step inside the lush and lavish (but never pretentious) gates of Lights. Camera. Luxe!


Yes, literally All. of. it!

Reserve My Spot!

or book a call with Elsa to learn more!

Camille Farey

Since upgrading my images and launching my new site, I’ve noticed that I’m attracting clients with higher budgets, creating instant trust with them, and closing sales much more easily than before.

Just this week I signed two new pay-in-full clients. They both went from complete strangers to happy “can I give you my credit card over the phone?” customers in 30 minutes flat. I’ve even had a couple of new clients book me directly through email — no consult call needed.

The style Elsa helped me create is a huge part of this success. Rather than treating clothes as a superficial outer layer, she sees them in the larger context of your life and business – essential tools for defining who you are and who you want to be.”

Watch your most elevated self & brand come to life
in New York City

On July 29th, 2023

We’ve managed every last detail, so you don’t have to do anything except sit back, relax, and be gorgeous.
Don’t lift a finger – we’ll lift it for you.

Here’s how we shower you in luxury…
Drape you in ease & comfort…
And envelop you in unshakeable confidence:

World-Class Creative Geniuses

Tap into decades of creative genius with some of the world’s most elite photographers, makeup artists, and hair and fashion stylists.

1:1 Calls with the Creative Team

Ensure your authentic self shines through with pre-shoot calls with the team to clarify your vision.

Pre-Shoot Fitting

Feel at ease the day of with a pre-shoot fitting that ensures we’ve captured your style and image.

Curated Photoshoot Hype Playlist

Get in the vibe with your favorite tunes so you can show up with confidence!

Private Luxury Black Car Transportation

Let us whisk you to and from our exclusive locations with lush, VIP-level transportation.

Feature-Enhancing Makeup & Hair

Show up on set looking like the million-dollar version of yourself with epic makeup and hair.

World-Class Sets & Locations

Don’t worry about a thing with our high-tech indoor studio and savvy, Million-Dollar-Listing-like NYC locations.

3 Gorgeous, Authentically You Looks

Get 3 different looks that show the world EXACTLY who you are.

Luxurious Clothes You Get To Keep

Keep up to $1,500 worth of the amazing clothes Elsa’s picked out for you!

Tasty, Clean Gourmet Meals

Fuel your body with sustainable, gourmet meals that tantalize your taste buds.

Bubbly On Demand

Sip champagne as you get into the vibes of your next level self.

20 Money Shots

From your “author photo” to your new headshot to your website hero image and more, you’ll receive 20 impressive, professionally edited photographs that will leave your jaw hanging wide-open with joy.

Plus so many more juicy surprises to come!


Reserve My Spot!

or book a call with Elsa to learn more!

My photos have MADE my brand, and the outfits made the photos!


Elsa’s got an eye for what will pop, all while staying true to your own style. She’s simply the best!

—Katherine S

When opportunities come knocking…Do you have powerful photos
that can confidently answer the door for you?

If not, then Lights. Camera. Luxe! was made for you.

There’s only one difference between them and you:

They made a decision to step into their next level – no matter how
uncomfortable or unprepared they felt.

Now it’s your turn.


Reserve My Spot!

or book a call with Elsa to learn more!

Rachel Rodgers

“When I first worked with Elsa I remember having an existential crisis every time I had to get dressed to go somewhere because I believed that there were literally ZERO clothes that would ever really fit. And then Elsa presented me with this array of clothing options that not only fit me, but looked amazing AND made me beautiful. That moment changed so much… it was the moment I stopped blaming my body and started showing it off instead! I love Elsa.”

Feel (and look) like the VIP that you are with
celebrity-level pampering

Photoshoots can be nerve-wracking. You’re excited yet nervous at the same time.

That’s why we do our due diligence to ensure a seamless day.

We set the vibes so you can step into your next level self with ease.


    When you look and feel like a badass, your photos will, too! Each member of your creative dream team will meet with you ahead of the big day to discuss your grand vision and how we can bring it to life.

    Fill out a simple questionnaire to get things rolling. Schedule 1-on-1s with me, the photographer, and the hair and makeup team. Curate a Pinterest mood board.

    Finally, you’ll come in for a fitting a couple of days before the shoot.

    That’s it!


    The more relaxed you feel, the better the camera can capture who you truly are and who you want to be portrayed as.

    That’s why we make it easy for you to show up with your confidence level on 3000.

    In fact, all you have to do is get in the private Black luxury car service we’ve sent to automagically pick you up from the comfort of your home.

    You’re the star!

    So, of course, you’ll get the star treatment once you arrive at the insanely gorgeous sun-drenched location you’ll not-so-secretly want to live in.

    Sip on a glass of chilled, crisp champagne while you fuel your body with a spread of seasonal, vibrant, and sustainable gourmet meals.

    You’ll feel like you’re the cover star of a world-renown magazine.

    It’s a VOGUE-level production with a down-to-earth, chill feel.

    When it’s your golden hour, we’ll cue up your curated playlist and make branding magic!


    Cool down after a magical day of fun, laughs, and bomb photos with a goodie bag of clothes from the shoot (up to $1,500 worth!) so you can step into your next level vibes anytime.

    We’ll whisk you away to your home or hotel, inside a lush private Black car and get to work editing the most incredible, gorgeous, book/press/TV-worthy photos you’ve ever seen.

    You’ll get 20 wow-inducing edited shots and all the proofs, too. Maybe even another surprise or two 😉



$20,000 USD

I’m worthy of it all!


or book a call with Elsa to learn more!


$8,000 USD
followed by 2 monthly payments of $6,000

Let’s Go!


I know what you’re thinking:


You might be thinking,

Who am I to deserve this?

Am I worthy of investing that much in myself?

Let me just say this:

You are at “that” level.
You absolutely deserve this.
And you are and have always been worthy.

You don’t need to make a million dollars before you’re ready to invest in your business and brand this way.

To get to that next level – whether it’s multiple six-figures, a million, or multi-millions – you must embody that version of yourself.

It’s not just about how you look.

It’s about how you feel.

You move like a confident boss when you feel like a confident boss.

An investment like this is the kind that gets you closer to your goals faster than ever before.


Reserve My Spot!

or book a call with Elsa to learn more!

I would totally recommend Elsa to others looking to up their style and confidence– she has an eye for creating memorable and standout looks that brings out the best in her clients.

—Jamila Souffrant

Elsa’s a genius. Whenever I wear a piece she picked, people stop me and ask me where I got it, and all I can tell them is, “Hire Elsa Isaac!”

—Alex Carter

We’re dedicating over 12,000 minutes to curate a
luxurious day of elevated fun & high-quality branding

When you’re booked and busy, you don’t have the time or energy to think about all the
moving pieces and extra work required to plan and execute a flawless photoshoot.

As the boss you are (and want to be) – why should you?

At this level in your business, every hour of your time is money.

Why waste it on doing tasks that aren’t in your zone of genius (like producing an entire

The A-list creative team we’ve curated for you spent 200 hours (that’s 12,000 minutes. 8
entire days!
) planning, producing, and curating a seamless branding photoshoot
experience during the last Lights. Camera. Luxe!

What could you do with an additional 200+ hours?

Sign a lucrative book deal.

Snag a prestigious contributor spot on TV.

Land a multi-6,7, or 8 figure contract.

Start a nonprofit foundation.

Book your first magazine cover.

Or whatever the heck you want – invest in the causes you care about, spend more time with the mini-humans, or go on a few last-minute vacations.

How much money could you make with all that extra time?

Then think about how much it would cost to spend to hire the top-level talent that you won’t have to micromanage. (Yes, they’re THAT good.)

So, if you want to maximize your time, energy, and money and truly step into your role as a leader, then Lights. Camera. Luxe! is for you.

“You have to do this. You will not have any regrets. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Truly.”


Getting dressed every day in clothes that match my vibe has helped me make more money, have more inspired and aligned ideas, and generally helped me feel more confident.

—Eryn Morgan

We’re 1,000% confident that Lights. Camera. Luxe! will be one of the most
transformative experiences for your business, brand, and mindset.

That’s why we want you to make this investment in yourself only if you’re 100% ready to
infuse more beauty, confidence, and power into your life.

Quoting the great Beyoncé, let us upgrade you!

Plus so many more juicy surprises to come!


Reserve My Spot!

or book a call with Elsa to learn more!


    This isn’t just about the photos – it’s about an entire lifestyle and brand upgrade that requires commitment from you and our super busy, crazy talented creative team – so there are no refunds.


    As we all know by now, COVID regulations and requirements shift frequently. Rest assured, our team will stay up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations, so we’re able to offer a safe environment for you on the day of your photoshoot.


    Rest assured, beautiful! While we’ll absolutely try to get some amazing outside money shots, your photoshoot will take place indoors in a photogenic, savvy indoor studio and too-good-to-be-true NYC location.


    Sometimes life just happens. If you’re unable to make your date, your investment will be credited for an exclusive styling experience with Elsa!

Listen beautiful, I get this isn’t like any other investment
you’ve ever made in your business.

But why should it be?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about elevating my brand to the next level, it’s this:

One decision can change everything.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t make decisions on the fly. You didn’t make it this far in
business and in your career without considering all the details.

I get it. This is a big investment.

But it’s exactly that – an investment that will reap generous benefits for years to come.

That’s why we’ve put a cap on the number of amazing women who’ll join us, so that we can
spend our undivided attention curating the most seamless, stress-free, and luxurious
branding experience for you.

There are only 4 3 spots available.

The next time we’ll host an event of this caliber with this level of A-list celebrity talent, won’t be for months.

And no, that’s not just marketing talk. The team I’ve curated is #bookedandbusy (just like you!), and aligning calendars for this kind of magic will take a while!

So, if you’ve been waiting to upgrade your branding, the time is RIGHT NOW.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime premium experience that can change the trajectory of your business.

Don’t miss out.

Trust yourself to make the right decision. Watch how the most unimaginably magical opportunities start to come your way.

Now my team and I are happy to answer any questions you still have (you can book a free call here), but at the end of the day, the only question that truly matters is this one:

What would the bossed up, future version of me do?

I bet you already know the answer.

Bossed-up you is waiting. Come meet her the weekend of July 29th, 2023.

Ready to level up, beautiful? It’s Lights. Camera. Luxe! time.


Reserve My Spot!

or book a call with Elsa to learn more!

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