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What NOT To Wear on Camera (and what to wear instead)!

I know that for many of us, having to show up in front of a camera (whether it be for a photo or video shoot), can be a little nerve-wracking. Mainly because we want to look our best, in order to perform our best.

Choosing what to wear for camera is different than choosing what to you wear day-to-day, because most of the time day-to-day wear doesn’t read or translate on camera.

So where do you even begin when tricky camera lenses make it difficult to really know, how exactly to look good on camera.

I created a quick, easy-to-read and digestible guide to help you determine just that.



Avoid: Brown + grey because they tend to dull your skin tone. And any look that’s all white, because reflectively, they don’t always play nice with the lighting.

Consider: Jewel tone colors. Choosing the right color in this family will brighten up your skin tone and allow you to pop on camera!




Avoid: Loud prints and busy patterns. Oftentimes, they don’t read well on camera and display a busy effect on camera (moire effect).

Consider: Solids! You can’t go wrong with solids… they’re classic, modern and easy all at the same time


Avoid: Garments that are too frilly and baggy, they may create a boxy and bulkier appearance on camera. The lens is a tricky thing and the

Consider: Close fitting and well tailored clothes, that skim your body shape and create a more slimming appearance.


Avoid: Satin type fabrics. They reflect a of of light and can be really distracting.

Consider: Any other fabric type that isn’t too reflective; cotton, wool, silk, polyester, etc.

Have you been guilty of some of the Avoid’s I mention above? If so which ones and how do you usually prep for your photo-video shoots?



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7 thoughts on “What NOT To Wear on Camera (and what to wear instead)!

    1. Hey Annette! I wish I could take mind-reading credit, but it looks like the timing was serendipitous! xx

  1. Thank you for this Elsa! I had a photoshoot back in April and wore a baggy shirt… WRONG MOVE! I was pretty disappointed in the photos. They made me look about 50 lbs heavier than I am. Now I know for next time!

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