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How Pinterest Can Give You Better Style!

If you have a hard time trying to define/explain your dream style verbally, I have some great news for you gorgeous.

You don’t have to!

Let me explain.

Being able to verbally articulate the type of signature style you’re looking to create for yourself clearly & succinctly, is without a doubt an incredible skill to have. A skill that will, of course, help you reach your style goals quickly.

BUT! If you’re anything like me, you may have a tougher time stringing together the right set of words to get your point across, and learn + communicate best through visual methods and examples.

And guess what? In the land of personal style, visual communication is just as effective as verbal. To be honest, it may even be more effective ;)

Here’s why Pinterest could be the secret weapon your missing, when it comes to creating your dream signature style…


It gives you a great starting point

Even if you ARE able to clearly describe the type of personal style you want to create for yourself, chances are, if I asked you to start shopping for items that fit your description right now, you’d probably have a tough time choosing items.

We all interpret + define things differently. For example, let’s say you want a personal style that has some “edgy-ness” to it. Saying that you’d like your personal style to have some “edgy-ness” to it may sound descriptive, but it’s actually not enough information for you to be able to confidently choose garments when shopping.

You still have to decide what your definition of edgy looks like, because that’s what will help you recognize it when you see it in a garment. And the most effective way to do that, is to find images that back up your verbal definition of your personal style.


It gets you clear on what you actually like

This is a big one.

Sometimes, the words you use to describe the style you want feel great and sound good, but then when you go to create a vision board to accompany your description, you realize that your inspiration images look nothing like your description!

Yup, this happens all the time. How you describe your dream style, may not actually be how your dream style looks.

This is because words can only take you so far. Visual references are what really help give you the type of clarity you need when creating a signature style you love.

This is why I have every one of my clients create a Pinterest board (I call it ‘Dream Style Vision Board’) filled with images that showcase clothing looks/items that they’re drawn to and inspired by. This provides me with a visual reference point, for the type of clothing my client likes + helps guide my selection process when I’m shopping for them.

Here’s exactly how you can create your very own Dream Style Vision Board:


Create your Dream Style Vision Board!

You can create your Board using either the traditional way by collecting paper images and pasting them on a poster board, or by creating a digital board on Pinterest.

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you can sign up for your free account at Pinterest.com.

Start by creating either a public or a private board, whatever you’re comfortable with. You can name your board “My Dream Style” or anything else you’d like.

Your goal now, is to look on Pinterest for any images that spark instant positive attraction, emotion, and joy.

Your inspiration items can be anything from clothing, to fabric, to interior design, to architecture.

Search for anything you like! Key words like “clean lines”, “funky”, “classic”, “vintage”, “boho”, “edgy”, etc are all packed full of great ideas and inspo. So don’t be shy!

Anything that instantly lights you up goes on the board. 

Do this every day for 1 week and then examine your board and determine the common themes. Each day you come back to your board, edit out the images that no longer inspire you or that you no longer love.

After about 5-7 days, you should have a beautiful board of images that totally lights you up, and are completely excited by!

Then come back to this post and tell me ALL about it please! Maybe even share the link to your Pinterest board!! :)



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What NOT to wear in your next photo/video shoot.

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2 thoughts on “How Pinterest Can Give You Better Style!

    1. Jean!! Your style board is beautiful! I definitely see some recurring themes throughout. How long have you been building this board and do you refer to it when shopping or putting your outfits together? xx

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