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My Rent The Runway Review

I’ve been a member of Rent The Runway’s unlimited membership program for a few months now, which I think is enough time to let you know my thoughts on the program so far.

If you’re not familiar with Rent The Runway, it’s a clothing rental company that allows you to rent a variety of clothes in three different ways.

Here’s a quick break down of each:




I’m currently on the Unlimited plan and over all I like it!


Here is my list of pros and cons:


  • They have a wide range of brand selections and sizing.
  • I think that the $159/month rate is pretty affordable.
  • They have great customer service.
  • It allows you to try different brands on and get to know which brands suit your body shape best, without having to purchase anything
  • It allows you to try high end designers without paying high end prices :)
  • You can rent pieces for speaking events or photo/video shoots and not be obligated to keep the items. Sometimes you don’t want to wear that top from your profile picture again because everyone’s seen you in it.
  • You can experiment with different styles, fabrics, silhouettes without the pressure of having to pay for it upfront.
  • You don’t have to worry about laundering any of the pieces you rent… you just send it back!
  • You can keep the items for as long as you want.
  • You can cancel or pause your membership at any time.



  • It can sometimes be hard to find the item you really want in your size when you want/need it.
  • I wish you could select more than 4 items. For me 6 items would be ideal, but I understand that they need to have enough inventory in stock for everyone to make it worthwhile.
  • Currently Rent The Runway is only available in the United States :(


My review above is for the unlimited option only. I think it’s the plan where you get the most bang for your buck.

So if you’ve been searching for a way to economically diversify your wardrobe, explore different brands, including some high-end ones, AND experiment with your personal style more, I definitely think you should give Rent The Runway a try. And if you have any questions for me about my membership, just let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you.




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5 thoughts on “My Rent The Runway Review

  1. LOVE RTR Unlimited!!! I’ve been a member for years and it’s taught me a lot about my style. And more importantly, that the excitement does indeed wear off after having a piece for a few weeks. I do feel like I’m not using the membership to it’s true potential because I still struggle with knowing what looks good on me. Slowly but surely, learning about cut, brands and colors:)

    1. Loved reading about your experience with RTR Carly! I think the key for me has been to return what isn’t a ‘Hell YES!’ for me ASAP, so I can try something else. Eventually you’ll start to build favorites that you can rent again and again, in addition to trying new garments :)

  2. I tried RTR because I just had a baby and am between sizes. I did t want to spend money on close I know I will not fit in a few months. So far I LOVE it. I agree with Elsa they should allow you to get about 6 pieces. Four is too few.

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