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How to Stop Waiting to Lose Weight Before Buying New Clothes!

Sometimes, the biggest barrier to creating your signature style you love has nothing to do with the clothes themselves – and more about the body underneath your clothes.

I often meet women who are really excited to build a closet of pieces they love, but they’re also struggling with the belief that their body isn’t good enough to wear those clothes yet. (and I’ve experienced this too, especially since becoming a mom.)

So how can we as women move past this feeling? Are we destined to keep wearing the same clothing items we hate over and over, until our body (maybe) changes?

Are we not allowed to have true confidence and a wardrobe that reflects who we really are until we’re thinner?

And what if we’re genetically predisposed to NOT be thin? What then?!

This is why I invited my friend, Annika Martins, to help us figure this out. She’s a Body Coach with a fresh perspective on this topic.

When a woman wants to lead, what stops her? When she wants to run for office, or run a successful business, what stops her? After almost a decade as a copywriter and marketing consultant for women entrepreneurs, Annika Martins found a surprising answer to those questions:

When we feel insecure about our bodies, we tend to carry that not-good-enough-ness into our professional lives too. We self-sabotage, we’re paralyzed by self-doubt, and procrastination becomes an everyday reality. (Yes, your body and your business are connected.)

This realization inspired Annika to radically change her body image (which transformed her work life), and eventually led her to coaching other women to do the same. Her clients call her work, “the missing link.”

She’s the creator of The Body Course, a 10-week program that helps women and femmes show up bigger, bolder, and braver in their careers by becoming more comfortable and confident in their bodies. Find out more about The Body Course here.

In our conversation, you’ll hear about:

  • How our relationship to our bodies can either fuel our careers or sabotage us
  • How to change your body image, even if friends and family aren’t willing to do the same
  • Why unconditional body love is NOT about rejecting exercise or healthy eating
  • Three highly practical tools for creating more peace and comfort in your body
  • And lots more!

Click play below to check out our convo!

If you’ve been waiting on your body to change, so that you can create your own signature style, I’d love to hear what part of our conversation resonated with you most? Which of the practices Annika mentioned are you excited to try? Let me know in the comments below.

And before you go, here are a couple more goodies, plus info on where you can find Annika:

The Body Date Starter Kit is here.

The LIVE (and free!) My Body My Power workshop is here.

Annika is on Instagram here, and her website is here.


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2 thoughts on “How to Stop Waiting to Lose Weight Before Buying New Clothes!

  1. This was so great!ElsI Will pass it one if my clients. It’s good to hear it from another person. Annika and I have the same heart and passion for women. Thank you for sharing her with us.

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