What NOT to wear in your next photo/video shoot.

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The Truth About Accessories

One of the questions I get asked often by clients, and women in general, is about jewelry & accessories.

The question is usually: ‘How do I know what jewelry or accessories I should be wearing?’

And it’s often asked with this sense of urgency, as if the answer to this one question will solve all their personal style dilemmas.

Spoiler alert – It won’t, but I think you knew that already :)

Accessories are not the be-all, end-all when it comes to defining your personal style; your clothes are. Accessories are meant to be exactly what they are… accents to your outfit.

Let me break down a few truths about accessories for you. And hopefully by the end of it, you’ll feel a lot less overwhelmed by the idea of accessorizing.


Truth #1 – It’s Not Mandatory

Yup, you read that right, you don’t have to wear accessories if you don’t want to!

First, determine which accessories (if any) fit your personality + comfort level best, then focus on those specific accessory types/styles.

For example, I avoid bracelets as much as possible, because my wrists are so small that most bracelets just end up falling off… and adjusting bracelets, is not something I wanna deal with all day long. But, I do love rocking necklaces, rings + handbags, so I mainly focus on those.

Believe me, if it doesn’t feel comfortable, it won’t look comfortable.

And if it just so happens that you’re not much of an accessories fan at all, that’s totally cool. Having a minimalist esthetic is probably more your style, and that’s awesome.

Feel free to experiment with any and all accessories, just know that you don’t have to be tied to any of them.


Truth #2 – Size Matters

Just like with clothing, wearing the right size accessory is super important, so pay close to attention to the scale of the accessories you try on or choose to wear.

This is something some women really struggle with because they assume that the accessory options out there are one size fits all, and that’s just not the case.

Your body is unlike any other woman’s body, so you have to seek out options that best suit your body type and frame.

For example, if you have a petite size frame, you should look for accessory pieces that aren’t too large. And vice versa if you have a fuller size frame.

Take a picture of yourself in a full length mirror when experimenting with accessories. You’ll know a piece isn’t working when the accessory becomes the focal point of your outfit, or if it gets completely lost in your outfit.


Truth #3 – Mix It Up

Wanna know how you can easily kill a look using accessories; wearing matching jewelry sets or wearing a combo of accessories you yourself put together, that are too match-y, match-y.

When it comes to accessories, too much is in fact, too much. So don’t be afraid to employ the ‘take one item off, before you head out the door’ rule

Remember, just like with your clothes, combining the right pieces of accessories together is critical. And one of the best ways to discovery what works, is to always be trying on different pieces until you find a winning combination.

Here’s another tip, when combining accessories, don’t be afraid to mix metals. Gold & silver really do go together ;)


So talk to me pretty lady, does this help ease your overwhelm when it comes to accessories? Do you have any other specific questions I can help answer? If so, just drop your Q in the comments below, and I’ll answer it for you :)


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What NOT to wear in your next photo/video shoot.

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