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The Truth About What Colors You Should Wear

Has an ‘expert’ ever told that you couldn’t wear a particular color(s)?

Well love, I hate to break it to you, but you’ve been bamboozled.

The truth? You can pretty much wear any color you want.

What matters most is whether or not you’re wearing the right shade in any given color.

I can’t tell you how many of my clients are shocked when they see themselves in a color they were told to avoid, work so well on them.

Stop limiting your options beautiful!

There are already so many fit limitations on your clothing options when shopping, there’s no need to narrow your options down even further with color.

Here are a couple reasons why being open to + experimenting with color can make a huge difference to your personal style.

Reason 1

Color has the power to create big impact in a look.

It’s the easiest + fastest way to create versatility in your style. You can wear clothing with the same silhouette for years, but easily create variety and versatility by changing up the colors you wear.

Add to that, the endless ways you can create different color combinations, and you’ll end up with plenty of incredible outfit possibilities.


Reason 2

If the first reason wasn’t enough to convince you of the power of color, maybe this one will.

As humans, our mood can easily be affected by color. Marketers/advertisers take full advantage of this when launching brands, etc.

Have you ever taken note of how certain colors have either hindered or improved your mood?

Here’s an excerpt from an article I read recently (

“Becoming conscious of how colors affect your mood is the first step in using them to your benefit. Psychological reactions to colors can be very personal and may be based on personal experience. If you find you have a strong reaction to a particular color, it might be a good idea to figure out why.

Notice the colors around you in your favorite places, and you will discover a color palate that is good for your mental health.”

I often talk about about how personal style is personal & intentional, and this is a perfect example of how you can take what’s specific to you and shift the power to your advantage.

I mean, why NOT take the time to discover which colors make you fee most powerful/sexy/confident and at your best, right?!


If you’re wondering…

…how to know which colors to choose for yourself, the answer is simple; always be trying on a variety of colors!

Like with anything else related to style, there’s no way to know if something actually works on you, until you try it on. I know this is answer can be frustrating, but it’s the truth.

The more time you spend playing & experimenting with your wardrobe and style, the clearer you’re style direction will become… promise ;)

Now that we’re more clear on how you can use the power of color in your closet, I’m excited to hear; what are some of the things you’ve been told and believed to be true about color?




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3 thoughts on “The Truth About What Colors You Should Wear

  1. Thanks Elsa!
    I have since found what you say in your blog to be true for me!
    I find that Coral (peachy pink) is AMAZING, and certain powder pinks, and browny golden blush pinks look amazing xx

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