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How to Wear Leggings and NOT Feel Frumpy!

For the most part, leggings get a bad rep when it comes to looking stylish or put together. And I guess I can kinda see why… they can definitely make you look frumpy and disheveled when styled wrong. But when styled right, they can totally be the chic-comfortable-go-to-staple we all dream for them to be.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good and be comfortable, but just like a puzzle, you have to be working with the right pieces. Strategy is everything when it comes to looking and feeling great in your clothes. So listen up pretty lady, cause I’m about to break down how you can choose + wear leggings in a way that will have you reaching for your leggings daily, and completely guilt free!

The first step is the most important; make sure you choose a great pair of leggings to start with. What makes a great pair of leggings great you ask, let me tell you!

Choose a pair with:

  1. Thick, quality fabric that isn’t see through. This adds to longevity of the leggings but also makes them look more expensive
  2. A matte color instead of ones that have a sheen to the fabric. The sheen makes leggings look cheaper.
  3. The right hem length and no bunching at your ankles.
  4. A higher and wider waistband for better fit and an overall slimming look.
  5. That fits really well; not too tight that they look unflattering or too loose that you’re constantly having to pull them up

Once you have a good pair of quality leggings to work with, here are some ways you can style them to avoid looking frumpy & boring. Remember, it’s important that the garments you wear with your leggings are quality pieces, that fit well also.


Layered with a Cardigan


Layered with a Sweater


Sporty Chic



Mix with Different Fabric Textures


Additional Styling Notes:

Remember to:

  • Always be sure to cover your booty with your tops when wearing leggings
  • If your leggings are too long for you, get them hemmed for your height
  • Tops with a rounded hem in front and back are most flattering
  • Be sure your tops aren’t too baggy or oversized when layering with sweaters and cardigans. Always be mindful of balancing your proportions
  • When wearing with sneakers, be sure your sneakers aren’t too bulky or too athletic and they have at least one fashion element to them
  • If your hips are wider than your shoulders, keep the color of your leggings on the darker side. But feel free to experiment with color, fabric & frills on your top half
  • If your shoulders are wider than your hips, keep the fit of your top half fitted and the color on the darker side. But feel free to experiment with the color, print & fabric of your leggings

And there you have it… leggings can definitely be a great and reliable go-to staple in your wardrobe if you ask me. They’re comfortable, easy and totally versatile. How many other garments can you say that about in your closet? Knowing how to choose and style them makes all the difference, and now that you know how to do that, you’ll never feel frumpy in a pair of leggings again ;)

BTW, how do you style your leggings? Do you generally feel confident in your appearance when you wear them? Let me know.


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4 thoughts on “How to Wear Leggings and NOT Feel Frumpy!

  1. Thank you so much for this guide, Elsa! My problem has definitely been allowing my leggings to get old (fade in color, too baggy, starting to rip) and still wearing them instead of buying new ones. I kepy wearing my maternity leggings well after the baby was born. At first this was comfy and appropriately forgiving of my belly. After a while, I just felt like a frump machine! I recently found some bamboo leggings and they make me feel super chic and put together. I love pairing them with an oversize top and combat boots :D Next up: experimenting with patterns! I never do that but now I want to – thank youuuuu ,3

  2. Would have been nice to have pictures of ‘normal’ shaped women, not stick figure models that are basically hangers and the looks look great on them. Seeing something for an small plus sized hour glass figure would have been truly insightful. Love the blog and thanks for the information, great timely article.

    1. Hey Carla, I hear you… it was hard to find the specific styles I was looking for on other body shapes. The goal is for me to model posts like this in the future :)

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